Eco-Friendly Noticeboards

Browse our range of Eco-friendly noticeboards, made with sustainability in mind composed of recyclable materials.

At Wonderwall we understand that sustainability can be a big factor in your choice of classroom or office furniture. We are proud to supply a range of eco-friendly noticeboards that have been made from recycled products and sustainable materials.

Our eco-friendly noticeboards come in a variety of sizes and colours to suit any working or education environment. Perfect for creating a eco-conscious work environment, and encouraging children to think about how the products they use effect the environment. The noticeboard says more than ever with our eco-friendly range.

Some of our eco-friendly range even has noise-reducing properties, perfect for the busy office environment, or loud school classroom.

For a choice of felt colour and frame type browse our Eco-friendly noticeboard, you can choose whether you want a wooden or aluminium frame, and choose from 11 colours of felt.

We supply eco-friendly noticeboards across the UK, and offer free delivery on all our noticeboards.

You can also enjoy free next day delivery on noticeboards 90 x 120cm or smaller on our Wonderboard Noticeboard. The Wonderboard range is made from recycled plastics to meet the requirements for sustainability. The Wonderboard range is fire resistant, with the boards classified to the European Reaction to Fire Test. This test guarantees that the boards are safe to use in busy public areas. 11 vibrant colours are on offer within the Wonderboard range.

Not only have our eco-friendly noticeboards been made from recycled products, they are recyclable themselves. After many years of use, you can discard your noticeboard in an environmentally safe way.

Why not complete your eco-friendly workspace with one of our Eco-friendly whiteboards?


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Eco-friendly Notice Board

Eco-friendly Noticeboard

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Eco Friendly Deluxe.90x60 Blue

Eco-Friendly Noticeboards with Deluxe Beech Effect Frame

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Eco Colour Mai Image

Wonderboard Noticeboard with Light Oak Effect Frame

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