Exhibition & Display Plinths

Create a focal point for your display with a Plinth
Plinths not only draw attention to the items on display but also help to start interactions with your audience. If you are staging a school art exhibition or subject display, for example,  it can be improved with the simple addition of plinths.

Be creative with your display by using different sizes and colours, for example, you could group items together for impact or arrange different sized plinths to emphasise a collection of items.

Our Plinths are easily assembled and as a result, you can put up and take down your display with ease. They provide a sturdy platform to display your product, artwork or sculpture. Great for teachers, plinths work well in temporary school exhibitions. In addition, our plinths are easy to store, transport and assemble.

The Exhibition & Display Plinths are available in a range of sizes and colours. Constructed with an aluminium frame and loop nylon covered panels plus a hinge mechanism enabling you to open a panel and use the inside of the plinth as handy storage.

The top platform is white and fits securely on the folding panels to create a sturdy structure. Information can be secured to the plinths using Velcro® coins.


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Folding Plinth

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