Chalkboards & Whiteboards For Catering

Designed for use in the hospitality and catering industry our range of chalkboards and whiteboards are ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and juice bars. Even in the age of digital technology an outdoor sign remains one of the most effective, and cheapest ways of getting noticed.

By having an outdoor chalkboard or whiteboard you can make getting noticed easy by adding your own unique design to your chalkboard or whiteboard to reflect the character of your establishment. Its easy to create fun designs, all our chalkboards are suitable for natural chalk and chalkpens, and for our whiteboards use drywipe marker pens. Because our whiteboards are magnetic you can even fashion your own creative design using magnetics if you’re not to confident drawing.

Our freestanding whiteboards and chalkboards are suitable for outdoor use, and are great for getting your café noticed on hot sunny days when everyone wants to stop for a drink, but don’t forget to bring them in at night! Your Framed chalkboard or whiteboard will last longer if used indoors and kept safe from harsh weather conditions. Its easy to move your freestanding outdoor chalkboard or whiteboard, simply fold and carry, its flat shape once folded also makes it easy to store away when not in use.

Whether you’re looking for small or large chalkboard or whiteboard, our range is suitable for a variety of uses, promote your pop up stand, florist shop, or even events with a sleek and stylish eye-catching design. Our large chalkboards and whiteboard reach a height of 4.4ft making them hard to miss!

It’s not just freestanding chalkboards either, browse our wall mounted framed chalkboard, ideal for behind the counter menus, or keeping things organised in the kitchen. Because the wall chalkboard comes with all the fixings you will need you can put it up straight away and start designing.

Browse below to discover our range of catering chalkboards and whiteboards.



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Freestanding Chalkboard

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Freestanding Whiteboard

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Wood Framed Chalkboard

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Wood Framed Chalkboard A Frame

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