External Poster Showcases

Outdoor Poster Frames
Draw attention to your posters with our external poster cases, perfect for keeping your posters safe outdoors while ensuring they appear sleek and professional.

There are digital benefits to using an exterior poster display case, once you have your poster looking organised and attractive in our stylish poster cabinets you can take photos to share online. That said, using a poster display cabinet is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your poster design without entering the digital sphere.

Outdoor poster display cabinets are great for presenting menus, notices to employees, letting the community know about local events and making sure your customers know how to stay Covid safe.

It can be difficult to display posters outdoors, but our exterior poster display cases are lockable, and tamperproof. They even come with internal clips to keep your poster in place.

Use our poster display cases to protect your poster from fading caused by the sun, as our exterior display cases have UV protective film to keep your poster lasting longer. Our External Weatherproof Security Poster Frame even has a waterproof seal.

Our outdoor display cases for posters can be fitted landscape or portrait to suit your poster and available environment.

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Weatherproof Lockable Poster Case

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External Weatherproof Security Poster Frame

From £25.50 Excl. VAT
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