Hand Sanitiser Station

Hand sanitiser stations are an essential part of our post-Covid world, and now that you can welcome your customers, employees and clients back, you’ll want to ensure they’re not spreading the virus. That’s where our range of hand sanitiser stations come in.

A freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser is a great option for when running water is not readily available. A freestanding hand sanitiser station placed strategically around your office, restaurant, shop or bar can encourage people to antibacterialise their hands more often than they otherwise would, put simply ‘if you build it they will sanitise’.

It’s also a great way to show your employees that you’re thinking about their wellbeing, as regular hand sanitisation can reduce spread of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections, similarly, it gives customers peace of mind that they can shop, eat, drink and enjoy themselves in a safe environment.

Of course, you want your hand sanitiser stand to be noticed, which is why our range includes floor standing hand sanitiser dispensers which come with an A3 poster frame, which can be mounted landscape or portrait.
A floor standing hand sanitiser dispenser is useful if you have a large space where you may not have room for wall mounted dispensers. Better still, some of our range of hand sanitiser stations are mobile. Fitted with two wheels, our mobile hand sanitiser stations are easy to wheel around depending on the needs of your environment.

A hand sanitiser stand is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to encourage people to regularly sanitise their hands, so browse our selection below to start keeping people safe from the virus.


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Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitising Station

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