Floor Standing Projection Screens

Portable Projection Screens for Home, Office or School Use
Set up a home cinema, meeting or presentation with Free Standing Projector Screens. Projector screens lend a professional feel to your meeting; they are ideal for displaying notes or PowerPoint presentations. In addition, they provide a slick modern solution to your home cinema set up. All our floor standing projector screens are easy to put up, take down, transport and store.

Projection screens make an image much clearer and crisper than if you, for example, use a wall or white sheet to project your images. Screens provide a smooth and bright white surface and so if you use one at home with your home cinema,  films and TV image quality will be noticeably better. Plus you have the added bonus of setting them up absolutely anywhere you need them to be!

A projector screen provides a flawless surface that will remove all the imperfections that walls, sheets and other surfaces might have. As a result, your projected image will be clearer, brighter and sharper. You will definitely be able to notice a difference.

If you want a more permanent solution, we have a range of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted models available.

Whether you’re at home or work, if you use a projector, a projector screen will ensure you get the best possible image quality.


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Projector Floor Screens

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Superior Floor Screen

Superior Floor Standing Projector Screens

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Foldaway Screen

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