Mobile Whiteboard Signs

Mobile whiteboard signs are a versatile and effective whiteboard and signage option to display notices and provide direction to the public. Our freestanding whiteboard signs can be optimally placed for maximum visibility and impact. Mobile whiteboard signs can be found in reception areas, lobbies, entryways, conference centers, hallways, office buildings and educational environments.  We offer 2 ranges of mobile whiteboard signs to suit all uses.

Our whiteboard signs are available in 3 useful shapes. All signs have a double-sided, magnetic whiteboard surface which sits atop a robust, plastic frame pole. A circular base sits at the end of the pole, this can be filled with water or sand for extra stability. The magnetic whiteboard surface is compatible for use with drywipe markers. These whiteboard signs are available in 3 shapes – Arrow, octagon and rectangle. The arrow whiteboard sign tilts and locks in chosen position, making this the ideal sign for providing directions.

The foyer whiteboard sign has a larger whiteboard surface to allow for longer notices and directions to be displayed. This board can be mounted portrait or landscape and stands on a contemporary, heavy-duty aluminum post with grey steel base. The drywipe foyer board is fully adjustable between vertical and 45°.

Whether you want a mobile whiteboard sign to sit in a reception as a more permanent display, or smaller whiteboard signs to use as a temporary directional tool – one of our ranges will fit the requirements.


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